Jey Yorg



Jorgo Iliakopoulos aka Jey Yorg was born in Edessa June 9,1985, influenced by his home environment at the age of 10 years old he started studying piano and harmony music. Along the way he dealt with the guitar, the bass and the drums. He managed to learn all these crafts by himself without any professional help. At the age of 15 he made his first rock band by performing pieces by various artists at a few venues, but that wasn’t enough for him, later, at the age of 21 he participated in a metal band for a long time that had domestic success, became known abroad, was accepted by the media and also completed 2 albums that were released by a record company. But again this was not enough for him to stop continuing his career. The same time Jorgo Iliakopoulos worked as a DJ in various venues in the region while also experimenting on his own in a completely different genre House Music. In 2013 he created a new project “Jey N Gee Feat Anbas Prasili” where together they did a remix of a hit from 1998 “Brandy and Monica- The boy is mine” titled “Jey N Gee Feat Prasili Anbas – What you do (to me) ‘’. Finally, Jorgo Iliakopoulos moved and settled in Rhodes where he is officially working as a DJ in various clubs around the island. On May 20th he released on Beatport in conjunction with Kalidon their first single from record label Sugar Factory Records titled “ Kalidon Feat Jey Yorg – To The Drum.

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